You’ve got a friend.

When you’re down and troubled, and you need a helping hand… (Carole King, 1971)

Ok, I’m reverting back to my teen years but this song came to mind when I received this wonderful message from our long-time customer,  Mary!  Friendship kicked into action when her BFF, Natalie,  was suffering from a very painful eczema flare up. Poor lady was using some store-purchased “soap”  that just didn’t cut it.  PLUS, a prescribed “ointment” that seemed to not be working either.

Mary to the rescue! She had us send Natalie some of our Tea Tree Soap and Unscented Shea Butter.  She tried it immediately, and nearly the very second she used both products, her comments were “Holy (moly)…that soap took most of the inflammation down and I can bend my fingers and not be in pain”!  She then awoke the next morning with NO inflammation and blisters have gone way down! Here are before and after pics with just ONE use.  See for yourselves!  (These photos have NOT been filtered or modified in any way.)






Natalie….YOU’ve got a friend!


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