Wax… Can we talk about it? What it does to your skin pores.

Wax Binds Water & Oil.

Many of you have heard us time and time again talk about why we don’t use wax in our products. Sadly, most lotions (even handcrafted ones) must have it to even MAKE them.  After reading the link in the next sentence, you’ll see that this emulsifier will bind water and oil. With that said, we’d be selling you water plus the detergents that are coating that wax.  Check this link out! Emulsifying.

Pores are Living & Breathing Organs

Wax, people, will CLOG YOUR PORES!  It does not meld with water at all.  With our bodies at a high percentage of water, it just doesn’t mix.  Compounding this, our pores are living and breathing organs.  The pores are active with our life blood flowing around them…which is how our hair grows through. If you have it on them, those hairs can become ingrown and could cause acne or other issues.

Candle Test

Try this experiment:  Next time you light a candle, spill some of that liquid (after you’ve blown out the flame) into some water. What happens? Report in a comment.

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