Shea Butter… Why Unrefined, Virgin and “Fare Trade”…?

Shea Butter… Why Unrefined, Virgin and “Fare Trade”…?

Why virgin shea butter? Let’s answer that question…

No water, alcohol, wax (more on this later),  air (we do not whip our Shea Butter), preservatives etc.  Our Shea Butter is as real as it gets, folks! In fact, we obtain it directly from Africa…the EXPERTS in proper skin application.
 A gentle, minuscule application leaves you feeling fresh and REALLY, REALLY moisturized. We always say “start with a tiny bit, then add more as needed”.

Local Customer Comments…

  • Burn victim: “It is a world class skin softener. It is now used in my burn clinic.”
  • Allergy suffer: “I use a cue tip to coat the inside of my nose every day and night throughout the allergy season.”
  • Mother to be: “I’m using it on my stretch marks.”
  • Man with sensitive skin: “I use it to shave with.”
  • Numerous customers: “It absorbs into my skin so well. It does not leave me feeling oily.”


Comments (2)

  • There is not a product out there that can compare with this Shea Butter, and believe me I have tried so many due to my dry skin.

    I have a disease that causes my skin to dry out, my Doctor has prescribed so many different lotions, creams, etc, prescriptions and over the counter, the last one was Aquaphor, which ingredient is mainly petroleum. ( didn’t do anything) so back to my faithful Shea Butter.

    I had a cast on my leg for a long time for a Achilles Tendon surgery, you can imagine how dry that leg was, Shea Butter has really helped the dryness, my foot especially the heel was so dry, and the skin is finally getting soft again

    I use this all over my body every day and my skin has never felt so soft. Will not use anything anymore but Shea Butter.

    I have done a lot of searching on Shea Butter and have found yours to be the most
    natural Shea Butter out there.

    Thank you Diane for all your hard work you put into your products, you cut no corners.


  • We love what we do! This all began out of our own need to find what was right. Just sharing what we found!

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