Silky Feel Soap Lather, So many scents…

Silky feel Soap Lather, So many scents…I can’t say enough about these soaps, I love the silky feel of this soap.  I have had to try many different soaps on the market because of my Allergies.  Since I have found these soaps, they do not effect my skin.  I just cannot go back to store bought soap. There  are so many scents to choose from and that doesn’t bother my  skin, because the soaps are natural.  They are just scented enough to smell a nice faint smell.  My favorite is Lilac.

soap lather
Soap Lather

Soap Lather

I would like to show you how these soaps lather up, unlike the other soaps I have used in the past.

Now does your soap give you this much lather?  It feels so silky, doesn’t dry out your hands.

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