Shea Butter for beards…a new use!

We asked Ray, one of our frequent customers,  to test and review our Shea Butter for his beard.   With so much going on lately about razors, oils etc..we just had to jump on the band wagon.  We wondered if Shea Butter can be just as good, if not better and healthier for your hair, than any fractionated oil out there.

Here’s Ray’s review:

“Thumbs up for the Shea Butter!  Shea, being a more dense product than oils, was easy to apply with the extra ‘weight’ to it. It came off as a natural relaxer which brought down the side hair that tends to stick out, which is a biggie for me!  The shine was not overwhelming.  Some oils are way too vibrant even though I like a slight shimmer to mine. It’s a great addition to the beard care, so I will continue to use it.”

Here’s Ray with his newly-tamed beard!


Thanks Ray……great job! And who’s your little friend?





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