To “Shampoo bar” or not to “Shampoo bar”…

The question of whether we make them has come up several times in our years of business.  So, why the hesitation?

After doing some heavy research, we have concluded the following:

First of all……”shampoos” contain sodium laurel sulfates in this and other forms. These are  called “detergents”.  New Mexico Soap products are “detergent free”…..and we’ve been proud to provide this to you.  Several customers have mentioned that “sulfates” make them break out or are too harsh on their skin.  Many tend to steer away from anything “sulfate”.

There’s a reason that commercial hair product makers make so many different types of shampoos and conditioners – for all the different hair types. One shampoo does NOT fit all. But basically, people with dry skin have DRY SKIN!

Secondly, resources tell us that the detergents added to soap for “shampoo bars” help to rinse the soap off.  Hence, the root word “deter”.  Think of laundry detergent.  One wants the cleansing ingredient to rinse OFF the fabric so as not to cause build up on the fabric and later perhaps causing irritation.

Body soap, being made with vegetable oils, may not totally rinse off due to it being detergent-FREE.  Our customers have told us that their skin feels smooth and moist after using New Mexico Soap.

Special thanks go out to our customer, Julianne, for mentioning that she tried our Frankincense and Myrrh Ugly bar as a shampoo-type product and she liked it.  She is one who cannot use any sulfates.  So, this might be worth a try for anyone else willing to give it a lather!

Many years ago when we first started business, one very good piece of advice we received was this:  Don’t compromise what YOU feel is the best that you can offer your customers.

So, we do not see shampoo bars in our near future. And we are content with that decision!


(Note:  Our Shea Butter makes an excellent moisturizer.  Apply lightly throughout dry hair.  Leave in as long as you want! Wash out with whatever shampoo product you choose.)




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