“I’ve tried everything under the sun”…here’s her story.

A couple of weeks ago, a “mature” woman came by our Las Cruces Farmer’s Market cart sharing about her severe dermatitis issue on her face.  “I’ve tried it all…I’m desperate!” We always preface anything we say with “we are not doctors and we cannot guarantee this WILL work.”  But with the state she was in, she continued her quest to find ANYTHING that might work.

Just yesterday she came back with a big smile on her face. “I have to say I had very little hope that this (Shea Butter/No scented added)   ‘Ugly’ soap bar would work. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun. But guess what? THIS WORKED!!”  I just felt her joy and saw her eyes glisten with relief.  She got a big HUG!

Are we bragging? NO! We are feeling BLESSED that we get to share what we love to make and what we ourselves use……and that others might be blessed back!

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