Itches be GONE!!

My own Dad is a traitor!! LOL!

He’s 90 yrs old and we send him soap often.  His favorite is Gardenia Honeysuckle since it reminds him of my Mom who passed many years ago.    Just yesterday he explained to me that he was experiencing itchiness and would be going to the dermatologist.  I asked “Dad, are you using my soap?” “No,” he says…”I’m using Palmo****.” WHAT????   He was wanting to SAVE  his soap from us!!  HUH?  I don’t think I’ll be running out soon, I told him.  I’ve got plenty!

Just today he tells me “Itchiness is GONE”!  Gee! Wonder why…he was using some commercial detergent-filled stuff from the grocery store.  UGH!!


Additionally, a few weeks ago, our neighboring vendor  (70+ yrs old) at our local farmers market told us same. Here’s his testimony:  (written with permission)

“My name is Leftos S. I was using soap from the store for years. I was constantly itching, itching, itching.  I was about to go to dermatologist until I started using New Mexico Soap.  Immediately,  my itching disappeared.  I use it every day.  My skin feels velvety.

And I’d like to thank Diane from New Mexico Soap for helping to solve this very annoying and worried problem with my itching. I would recommend them to everyone regardless of age or gender”.

Warm fuzzies all over when others are helped using our soap!!

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