Handcrafted Soap… Why? Lets answer that question.

Handcrafted Soap… Why? Lets answer that question.

Handcrafted Soap? Lets answer that question…

As you all know, our company began out of the necessity of proper skin care for our owner/burn victim. With skin grafts throughout, we were determined to “find” the right application. Handcrafted soap to the rescue.
Hence, making our own!  We call it “REAL skincare for REAL skin”!
No detergents: You don’t have to live in the desert (like we do) to need REAL skin care.  You, too, might have desert-dry skin.
Detergents tend to dry your skin, which is why you might still feel even dryer after bathing.
Handcrafted by us! We make everything here.
We love doing this. If we didn’t, we would stop because it is a bunch of work. (One needs to not be afraid of hard work here.)

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  • These soaps are the best I have ever used, to me, there is no soap out there that can compare with these soaps,.

    Due to some health issues I have had to wash my hands so many times a day, and my hands have yet to get dry like the soaps you buy in the store, these soaps have a wonderful SILK feel to them.

    After I rinse and dry my hands they are so soft, same way for my face,
    I will not buy soaps from the stores again, I swear by these soaps.

    You won’t go back to any other soap once you experience these soaps.

    My comments are honest and true, I have been a long time user and am so glad we now have a blog to let others know about these wonderful products.

    Terri. From Minnesota

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