Deodorant now included in the “everything”!

For years we’ve gotten the question, “Do you make deodorant?”  No, we say.  It’s not as simple as one might expect. Add this, and maybe that. Then, “it stains”……or “I still smell”!  Nearly as much work as making “lotion”.  UGH. Still don’t want to go there!

What folks are basically looking for is an antiperspirant.  What that actually is, is something that stops perspiration.  That normally can include a wax or a petroleum-based additive, which blocks pores.   Why would one want to stop their pores from, well, being PORES?  They are open for a reason. We have to excrete something! Plus, that’s how our hair grows.  If we block them, then black heads, ingrown hair etc. can happen.

So…after all this time, I finally tried our awesome Shea Butter solely as a deodorant.  After all, we’ve been touting it to be “good for everything”.  “Deodorant” meaning to help calm the odor of sweat…without blocking pores. If you follow us on Instragram, I did an hourly story update of what my findings were.

Tea Tree, as the base of this experiment and my personal opinion, is important since it’s a natural antiseptic. Then I mixed with it my Peppermint and Eucalyptus.  I feel that strong essentials oils can surely help with that “odor” one is trying to hide. I applied it about 3-4 times the same day. Nothing wrong with that as long as you KNOW it  won’t be blocking stuff!

We certainly encourage you to try it yourself. If you do, please comment, send us an email or post on Facebook or Instagram  Everyone is different. Maybe make your own combinations to see what’s best for you. And remember…we can customize a Snuggle Jar or a 16 oz. jar  of Shea Butter to your liking.  Once done, it can STILL be used for EVERYTHING.  The added bonus is now as a deodorant!!

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