The “new” phenomenon called Shea Butter!

The “new” phenomenon called Shea Butter!
Snuggle up with some Shea Butter

Wow! With Christmas behind us, we can reflect back on all the education that went on with our current and new customers. It still amazes us that so many know so little about Shea butter!  Many of you really thought about what gifts to give your loved ones. Choosing Shea Butter, as you already know, will be an eye opener for them. Yes, it takes a little getting used to using a product that is so very different from the “squirt on” applications that we’ve all been programmed to use all these years. Plus the wax…ohhhh…the wax.  Don’t want it….ON SKIN!!  At least on a permanent basis.

So, let’s hear from you how your gift recipients reacted to this “NEW” skin care called SHEA BUTTER!!

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