Cozy UP - Snuggle UP - Touch UP

"Shea Butter is a 'World Class' Skin Care System."

Dave B., Dona Ana, New Mexico. Burn victim with 1st-2nd-3rd degree scars.


Our Shea Butter "Family Tree" is both fun and economical... With a "Touch" of Cozy & Snuggly!

Shea Nuts before processing

Shea Butter Fact Sheet... Download and Print (pdf)



Snuggle 8 oz. - $19.95

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Snuggle Up with Virgin Shea Butter

Our 8 ounce Snuggle Jar is economical and can be used to refill both the Push Up/Touch Up and the Cozy Jars. The best value for your dollar! Scoop out a bit in your bath or foot soaking water for a luxurious treatment for your body!

Cozy 2 oz.- $6.95

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Cozy Up with Virgin Shea Butter

Our 2 ounce Cozy Jar is perfect for office, travel, (TSA compliant), gym and makes a great gift! The low-profile-style jar can fit anywhere.

Shea Butter Push Up/Touch Up... $5.95

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Touch Up with Virgin Shea Butter


Our 1 ounce Push Up/Touch Up container is both cute, convenient and refillable! Send it to school with the kids, take along on vacation, or perfect for purse…anywhere you need a touch up. Use for easy lip application, bug bites, heels during summertime, cuticles…the sky's the limit! To refill, simply scoop from the Snuggle Jar into this container. Be sure to push the silicone-lined bottom back down.


Shea Butter - Trio Pack


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All 3 Jars... At a savings!

  • Snuggle Jar 8 oz.
  • Cozy Jar 2 oz.
  • Push Up/Touch Up 1 oz

Butter Warmer - $22.50

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With the natural form of Shea Butter being a bit harder in form than commercially-manufactured lotions, we've developed our own Shea Butter Warmer to help you butter your bod with ease!

Simply plug it in, add some Shea Butter, turn it on and wallah! Within a few moments you'll be enjoying nicely-warmed Shea Butter in liquid form to quickly apply.


  • Shea Butter Warmer (8 ounce heater jar)

Shea Butter Warmer Instruction Sheet...Download (pdf)




Emilia L., Las Cruces, NM ~ My son (age 10) has suffered from horrible nose-bleeds in the summer for years, but thanks to a recommendation about the Shea Butter, and using it to moisturize his nostrils he's doing much better in the dry months now. Thank you!!

Melissa B., Troy, AL ~ I love New Mexico Soap. Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. The Shea Butter is the best. I have not had any cold weather chapped hands this year. I also can not go without the shaving soap!!!

Teresa R., Clovis, NM ~ Diane, In preparation for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon I knew I needed something to prevent chafing due to the prediction of rain. I didn't want to wear leggings because the temps were to climb into the 80's & w/rain I knew there would be humidity. I could have bought "Glide" for the chubby parts of my legs that would rub or I could have used Vaseline but that makes me really hot. Plus w/the wind I figured everything would stick to it making for a miserable run. Instead, I used my Shea butter-it was the PERFECT solution! Yes, the weather did clear up & the only moisture (after a 1 hour 45 minute delay) was water from kind people spraying us w/water hoses & I poured cups of water down my front & back at each water stop-priming myself to chafe. Twenty-six point two miles later-I did NOT have a bit of chafing. I saw many gals w/bad chafing in unmentionable spots. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for not having to deal w/that misery. Thank you for an amazing product. Hope other runners give it a try!

Christi G., Las Cruces, NM ~ We love this soap and the Shea Butter is amazing!! I had chemical burn on my hand and put shea butter on it twice a day and it healed so well. We swear by the stuff!!

Christina A., Boston, MA ~  The best all natural soaps and body butters, EVAH! These are high quality and very soothing for those suffering from eczema, and psoriasis. Everything looks and smells good enough to eat. I made my list, checked it thrice and am about to put in an order. Shipping is extremely fast to the east coast. Keep up the excellent work.